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Elise Marie DeSigns

Unisex Tie Dyed Beanie

Unisex Tie Dyed Beanie

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These unique beanies are hand dyed by Elise Marie DeSigns in three beautiful colors. They make the perfect addition to your winter accessories collection and you'll wear them all the time to keep cozy.

Features a 12" knit and an adjustable cuff (shown at 3").

Color options:

Shibori Indigo Dye: A classic and versatile indigo blue dye

Shibori Indigo Dip Dye: Hand dipped in indigo blue

Multi-Colored Ice Dye: Made with ice and an assortment of powdered dyes for a pop of color

Reverse Dye: Made with a bleach/water mixture for a dye with dimension

Reverse Dip Dye: Hand dip dyed with a bleach/water mixture

Brushed Steel Dye: Made with ice and an assortment and powdered dye: color pops of dark teal, purples, grays, and various colors.

Smoky Quartz Dye: Made with ice and powdered dye: Soft grey, tans

Summer Vibes: A bright and colorful mix of reds, yellows, and oranges.

Tidal Dye: An eclectic mix of greens and yellows

Rainbow Reverse Dye: Rainbow colors spread throughout using a reverse bleaching method

*Please Note: No piece will be the same and you cannot choose your patterns. The fun in hand dyed clothing is each piece is unique and a surprise!


Content: Cotton/Polyester Blend - apparel sourced from US supplier

Unisex and one size fits most

These are pre-washed and line dried

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