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About Elise Marie DeSigns


Growing up on a small island and spending most of my days at my parents boatyard, I remember sourcing materials while rummaging around: whether it was rope, old electrical wires or shells, I would find ways to manipulate them into jewelry. My passion for working with my hands to design something new and creative continued throughout my teens and inspired me to complete a degree in Textiles, Merchandise & Design at the University of Rhode Island. After graduation, I picked up and moved to Portland, Maine, where; after working multiple jobs, hustling through hundreds of craft shows, fairs, pop-up events with my hand-made jewelry and building partnerships with local shops, I was lucky enough to open my own brick-and-mortar store on 34 Washington Ave in 2018.

Having this storefront has allowed me to feature other local Portland artisans such as: Near & Native refillable candles, Small Farma Hemp CBD products, My Mini Maine macrame plant hangers and home accessories, reclaiMEd Sign Co reclaimed wooden signs, Stripes and Stones handpainted canvas artwork banners and wine bags, and NikLin Designs baby clothes and accessories. One of the best parts of having this space is the ability to have a workshop set up where I can fulfill my wholesale orders at one of my over 50 retailers while also meeting new customers and helping them find (or design) the perfect piece of jewelry - I’ve even custom made jewelry on-site while my customers wait if they have a different design in mind! 

With the closure of the brick-and-mortar store in Spring of 2020, I wanted to take that experience of “designing your own jewelry” and put it online - so on this site, you can custom build the perfect piece for you (or your lucky gift recipient). I’ve found that a lot of customers have a specific outfit in mind when they are looking for jewelry; whether that’s a wedding, festival, work event, travel, or just those jeans that they know fit them just right!

I also know that building jewelry from scratch can be a little overwhelming, and you may not already be a crystal pro, which is why I put together my “stones guide” to help you choose the perfect stone.

I hope you find what you’re looking for! If you want to learn more, feel free to drop me a note anytime at or send me a message on instagram or facebook.