Good Vibes Gift Bundle
Good Vibes Gift Bundle

Good Vibes Gift Bundle

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Set your intentions and send out some Good Vibes with this gift bundle! This gift box includes Flying Wish Paper, to let your wishes take flight; a White Sage bundle, for cleansing; 3 Palo Santo sticks, for clarity and relaxation; an Abalone shell for safe ashing; a Clear Quartz to amplify clarity and awareness; and our very own Elise Marie DeSigns Signature Matches, in teal.


This Gift Bundle includes:

Flying Wish Paper Retail Price $12.00

Set your intention, write it down, roll it up, light it, and watch it fly. 

White Sage Bundle Retail Price $8.00

4" Sage Bundles by Faiza Naturals

Palo Santo Wood Retail Price $9

3 pieces, perfect for smudging and cleansing an area, person, or object. Ethically sourced from Peru.

Abalone Shell Retail Price $10.00

Use for ashing your Sage and Palo sticks, then reuse as a jewelry dish.

Clear Quartz Retail Price $5

A unique and beautiful stone to add to or start your crystal collection.

Elise Marie DeSigns Signature Matches Retail Price $6

Bottle has convenient strike pad located at the bottom. 


All items are packaged beautifully in a white box with recycled brown confetti paper.