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Elise Marie DeSigns

Tie Dye Infant Bibs

Tie Dye Infant Bibs

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Hand dyed with love for fashionable little ones.  Have fun matching to any of our other infant or adult tie dye clothing.

*Please Note: No piece will be the same and you cannot chose your patterns. The fun in hand dyed clothing is each piece is unique and a surprise!

Color options:

Shibori Indigo Dye: A classic and versatile indigo blue dye

Shibori Indigo Dip Dye: Hand dipped in indigo blue

Multi-Colored Ice Dye: Made with ice and an assortment of powdered dyes for a pop of color

Reverse Dye: Made with a bleach/water mixture for a dye with dimension

Reverse Dip Dye: Hand dip dyed with a bleach/water mixture

Brushed Steel Dye: Made with ice and an assortment and powdered dye: color pops of dark teal, purples, grays, and various colors.

Smoky Quartz Dye: Made with ice and powdered dye: Soft grey, tans

Summer Vibes: A bright and colorful mix of reds, yellows, and oranges.

Tidal Dye: An eclectic mix of greens and yellows

Rainbow Reverse Dye: Rainbow colors spread throughout using a reverse bleaching method


Made with 100% ringspun cotton. - apparel sourced from US supplier

One size fits most infants.

These are pre-washed and line dried.

Bleach coloring (where applicable) varies according to garment fabrication.

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