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chakra spray, white sage smudge, palo santo candle, peppermint tea tree bath soak
Self Care Bundle - Energy Cleansing Soak

Self Care Bundle - Energy Cleansing Soak

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Do a full cleanse of your home, body and soul! This kit includes a Peppermint Tea Tree soak from Nectar Republic for a cleansing bath, a Sage Smudge Bundle to clear the energy from your home, a Near & Native candle to keep the good vibes going, a Pyrite Crystal known for Emotional Well-Being, and a Chakra Spray by Species by the Thousands to help your energy flow freely.

This Self Care Kit includes:

Nectar Republic Bath Soak Tube (Retail Price $14)

Peppermint Tea Tree scented Bath Soak for a refreshing and cleansing soak.

*Note that if we are out of the Peppermint Tea Tree scented bath soak you will be receiving either Grapefruit and Lemongrass or Rose and Sandalwood scented soaks. You will be notified if a substitution is made on your order.

Nectar Republic Sage Smudge Bundle (Retail Price $8) 

White sage is associated with purity and when burned via a smudging, it can help cleanse objects, people, and places to get rid of negative energy or even bad spirits.

Near & Native Travel Candle (Retail Price $12)

Palo Santo scented, great for any room in the house where you need a little pick-me-up.

*Note that if we are out of the Palo Santo scent, you will be receiving either a Frankincense and Myrrh scent or Cedar and Amber scented candle. You will be notified if a substitution is made on your order.

Pyrite Crystal (Retail Price $5)

Pyrite crystals are known for Protection, Shielding, and Emotional Well-being (your crystal will vary from what is pictured)

Chakra Spray by Species by the Thousands (Retail Price $22)

Helps align and balance your chakras. Use this spray to help energy flow freely through your body.