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Maine Made Self Care Bundle with Candle, Air Plant and Macrame Air Plant Holder, State Hammered Earrings, and Calcite Crystal

Maine Made Self Care Bundle #2

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In an homage to the beautiful state of Maine, this locally sourced Maine made product bundle includes a Calcite crystal to clear negative energy; an air plant and My Mini Maine macrame air plant holder for your green thumb, a Maine Maple candle from Near and Native, and a pair of of our hand stamped Maine Earrings in our glass bottle gift wrap to show your state pride.

This Self Care Kit includes:

Elise Marie DeSigns Hand Stamped Maine Earrings  (Retail Price $38 with glass bottle)

Near and Native Maine Maple Travel Candle (Retail Price $12) 

*Note that if we are out of the Maine Maple Candles we will replace with another scent. You will be notified if a substitution is made on your order

My Mini Maine Macrame Air Plant Holder (Retail Price $14)

Calcite Crystal (Retail Price $5)

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. It cleans negative energies from the environment. (your crystal will vary from what is pictured)

Air Plant (Retail Price $7)

Easy to care for plant. Every week, either soak in a shallow bowl of water for 15 mins or spritz with water!