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Self Care Bundle - Ongoing Self Maintenance
crystal clearing mist, therapy dough, palo santo bundle, quartz crystal

Self Care Bundle - Ongoing Self Maintenance

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Already established in your self care routine and want to level up? Or looking for a good starter pack for ongoing self care?

We put together this kit to help you maintain your existing self care routine with items you can use every day, including a mist to help clear your crystal energy, palo santo to reduce stress, a quartz crystal to amplify your energy (yours will vary from what is pictured), and introducing the latest stress outlet - adult play dough. 

This Self Care Kit includes:

Crystal Clearing Mist by Species by the Thousands (Retail Price $22)

Looking for something to cleanse your crystals beyond your normal charging? Use this spray to clear objects and spaces of unwanted energy

Palo Santo Smudge (Retail Price $15) 

The scent of palo santo is also known to improve clarity and concentration and reduce stress.

Therapy Dough by Analu (Retail Price $16)

Like Play-Doh for adults, this putty helps with stress relief by giving you an outlet for your hands and also providing calming scents while doing so. In this bundle you will receive the sweet orange which is an uplifting scent.

Note: If our sweet orange supply is out, you will receive either lavender or peppermint therapy dough. 

Clear Quartz Crystal (Retail Price $5)

Clear Quartz's properties help with Awareness, Amplifying Energy, and Clarity