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The Making of Multi-Colored Ice Dye!


Hi there!

Multi-colored Ice Dye has been such a standout unique style in the booming trend of Tie Dye so I thought I’d share with you a bit more about the process.

This approach creates the most incredible color combinations with varying saturation of dye throughout the garment. 

As with all of my handmade pieces, no two are the same which is what makes them so special. Once you get your garment you will make it all your own anyway and that is one of the things I love about making and sharing clothes!



The Ice Dye Process looks like this: 



  • I first soak all the garments in a mixture of something called Soda Ash and water. The soda ash soak serves the purpose of making garments more susceptible to holding and retaining a beautiful dye color. This is key to a dye process that produces bright and vibrant colors. Science is cool! When I am done soaking, all the garments get a thorough squeeze before moving to the next step.


  • I have a number of baking racks that I use for this step. After wringing out all the excess liquid, the garments all get scrunched up with my own special touch that I’ve perfected over many ice dye runs. I spread the scrunched clothes out on the baking racks and get ready for the fun.


  • Next, I dump a whole bunch of ice over the garments! I use ice that is all different shapes and sizes which just adds that extra layer of dimension and unpredictability to the final patterns.





  • The really cool part is sprinkling powder dyes all over this pile of ice and clothes. I usually use between six to ten different colors in each batch and have so much fun just spreading the colors around and creating this exciting and bright tapestry of color.




  • The magic happens when the ice starts to melt and blend all the colors together. Again, the random nature of the melting ice and the colors makes this incredible art all over the scrunched up clothes and promises a gorgeous surprise when I unfurl every piece. 



  • The rest is history! Drying and shipping out to you all this handmade goodness so you can be a walking piece of art and have some fun with color. 


Enjoy your Ice Dyed garments!